Water Slides

During the hot Georgia summers nothing beats cooling off while making a splash on a water slide. It doesn’t matter the age group, toddler to teen or adult, at Portable Rock Climbing we have something to keep you cool, wet, and having a blast all day long. We have a variety of wet rides that are perfect for churches, schools, summer camps and private parties.

Tropical Rush Water Slide

Tropical Rush

This is Water Park sized thrills delivered to your event. The adrenaline gets pumping as you drop down the radical sliding angle of the 22 foot tall slide. At the bottom riders continue sliding for a total of over 60 feet of soaking wet fun. Two lanes creates even more fun with side by side excitement. Everyone including the teenagers will be blown away by this ride.

2 Lane Tropical Slip and Slide

Slip and Slides are always a blast. This tropical dual lane slider allows for some friendly competition as the racers sail down the tracks. Twice the throughput makes this a great wet choice even for busy events.

Dolphin Water Slide

2 Lane Dolphin Water Slide

We had this gorgeous water ride custom built to create big thrills in a smaller area. At over 18 feet tall and 40 feet long, this unit will keep everyone cool and happy all day long.

Paradise Water Slide

You can't help but have fun at a party with palm trees and a water slide all in one. Kids cannot get enough of the Paradise Water Slide. Guaranteed to deliver all day fun. Over 30 feet long and 15 feet high this water slide keeps everyone coming back for more.