Carnival Ride Rentals

"Adding a few of your larger rides made this year’s school festival the biggest money maker ever!”
Donna, PTA President

Everyone always loves the thrill of an actual carnival ride.

Based in Atlanta and Serving the Southeast we offer high quality carnival rides at an affordable price to guarantee your celebration is one to remember.


Family riding on the DragonFly Carnival Ride

With an appeal to all ages a carnival ride can supercharge your next event.

Crowd enjoying Carnival Rides

Spider Zone with Super Slide
Spider Zone with Super Slide

With the Super Slide option attached the climber reaching the top is now rewarded with one of the largest inflatable slides available. Enjoy the awesome 45 foot long ride down to complete the challenge.

Spider Zone
Spider Zone

The Spider Zone is a unique piece that allows the climber the unmatched freedom to self determine the entire challenge.  You must negotiate 7 different levels to make it to the top.

Dragonfly Ride

The Dragonfly ride is great fun for all ages. The ride chairs swing sideways as the speed increases. With a capacity of up to 30 at a time, this ride is sure to keep the lines moving and the crowd entertained. The Dragonfly is a beautiful ride that turns your special day into a distinguished event that everyone will remember.

 Carnival Ride
Six Spin

Children and adults can climb aboard the Six Spin, buckle in and get ready for a multidimensional thrill. Grab the handles and start the spin cycle, but once up to speed, the operator tips you on a thirty degree angle and now you're going around, up, down, and backwards. The Six Spin is an exciting, people-powered, interactive experience that is always a crowd favorite at any event.

Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride
Turbo Tubs

The Turbo Tubs is a great ride for children and adults and can seat up to twenty-four people at a time. The entire ride spins plus the participants can lock their tubs in place or choose to spin them at whatever speed they like. Take your event to the next level.

Mechanical Bull

The Mechanical Bull is great for all kinds of events and ours is the latest model with all the upgrades.From young children to the adults, we guarantee this is the one thing everyone at your event will want a turn on.

Meltdown Carnival Ride

Meltdown is an 8 player action game for the whole family, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Two soft foam spinning arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the arms. Who will be the last one standing?